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28 Jun 2017

About Me

I am a software engineer, teacher and blogger, with an IT industry experience of close to 10 years. Apart from regular work in office, I spend a lot of time teaching, writing technical notes and maintaining my technical blog websites. I am a beginner in writing travel blogs, but has decent experience in technical blogging. You can checkout my blogs and


Current theme

Current theme of this blog is BOTS (Beauty Of The South). There are lot of good places in the South Of India, similar to the good people of the south. They speak different languages (every state has its own mother tongue), still they care for each other. I hope bad minds does not disrupt this unity in diversity and the South stays as beautiful as it always is.


Why This Blog

My work and activities has resulted in more stress, more blood pressure and even the risk of other lifestyle diseases. More serious than that, I felt I am not spending enough time with family, especially my kid. Recently I came across some interesting presentations which stressed the importance of spending time with family and doing interesting things outside of work to make life interesting.

I like to travel and used to travel a lot before. So traveling again, but with family in a family car, seemed to be the best way of spending time with family as well as doing things you like to do. I also decided to document my travel details as well, hoping to help someone else with similar thoughts. I might not be the first to have these thoughts and will not be the last for sure. New is the result of that thought.


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Special Thanks

We thank God almighty always, with all our heart, for able to travel safely and write this blog. 


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