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21 Jun 2017

It was a good 4 years relationship with my old friend Honda Amaze SMT Diesel. Though I had occasional issues with Honda Service center and insurance, the car itself was very reliable. Normal issues such as tyre puncher, battery jump start etc. happened at times, but overall my experience was good. Had traveled many times to south and north of Kerala and all the journeys were just fine. Handling in highways were very good. Though in city it used to give a mileage of 12 km per litter, in highways it used to give always about 20 and at once it even crossed 24 kmpl.

However, as the extended warranty time is coming to an end and also since I was planning to do more travels with family (and write blog on my travels), I thought it is the right time to move on. Moreover, I thought taking a good automatic will help me drive with ease in Bangalore traffic and will allow my wife to drive, especially few kilometers in long trips. So my criteria were a bigger car outside of the 4 meter limit with some nice looks, better boot and better safety features, and also having good responsive automatic gear box. So which once I chose? Will share in the next post.   

Below pic was taken on my first trip to wayanad on the first weekend after receiving the car in July 2013...

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