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21 Jun 2017

Actually Skoda Rapid was not on my list until a week back when I accidentally saw few pics of it online. On the same time I saw few not-so-good reviews about the other vehicle I had almost decided on buying. I always liked the looks of Rapid (Red) and was also happy to see its other features like the DSG gear box. Style Special Edition was also coming with 16'' allow against 15'' allow for other variants, reverse camera with touch screen infoinment system and few additions like spoilers.

I booked and bought the car from Vinayak Skoda Bangalore. The uncertainties about GST (Goods and Services Tax) also speeded up the decision. Luckily the car was available and hence showroom said they will give it fast. However, not everything was very smooth with the showroom. Most of these were because of lack of communication between the sales people of Vinayak Skoda. I had to even change my sales person in between as he was so arrogant and even communicated many wrong facts. Some of it can be found here.

When I took the delievery of car from Vinayak Cars Bangalore (Marathahalli), I was surprised to see a two inch difference for the spare wheel. The spare wheel for the 16'' alloy was a 14'' non-alloy. I knew they won't be giving a spare alloy, but was not sure if the 2'' difference with a difference even in the width, was fine. They said that is standard and even showed me other cars in showroom at Vinayak Cars Bangalore (Marathahalli) ready for delivery. All of them had 14'' non-alloy with difference width.


Price (In Rupees) offered for Rapid Diesel DSG AT Style Special Edition

I thought I will also share the price details for anyone interested:

Ex Showroom (invoice) = 1,319,879

TCS @ 1 % = 13,199

Insurance = 51,115

Essential Kit = 6999

Registration + Depot Charges = 261,561

On Road Price = 1,652,753

Drive Assure (Bumper to Bumper Insurance Addition) = 12,546

Skoda Maintenance Package = 29,999

Total = 1,695,298

They offered an additional 20,000 as Corporate Bonus and Rs. 17,000 as cash discount. Since the car value for my old car was much lesser than market, they offered an exchange bonus of 20,000. All these bonuses were added to the Ex-Showroom price, but without changing the overall amounts due to tax, making the calculation complex.

The taxes and other details are not at all matching up in the actual account statement with new components like incidental charges of 12,500, difference in road tax, insurance excess paid etc.I have been asking for clarification, but none cares much after you buy the car. Might be to evade tax? Don't know if this is specific to Vinayak Skoda or Skoda in general.

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